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My name is Jay Huang. I have made it my mission as the chef of Lucky Robot to use and promote only sustainable seafood in my restaurants.  This has been especially challenging in our sushi restaurant, but in 2019, the James Beard Foundation named us a Smart Catch Leader.  The only one in the state of Texas!

Wild and farmed sustainable seafood options are more readily available than most chefs and consumers think!  I would like to share the stories about the fisherman and fish farms that are helping protect and regenerated the oceans by celebrating the products they provide me.  

My focus is providing entertaining how-to videos that will include butchery, cooking techniques from Japan, and sushi.  I specialize in Nikkei cuisine and hope to teach you the ingredients, flavor combinations, and history of the cooking style.


I plan to donate a portion of my profits to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. I hope to promote the abundance of beautiful local seafood that is available to us domestically and to recognize the fisherman that risks their lives every day.  By shortening the supply chain, we can further reduce carbon emissions and our impact on the earth.